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Yoga at the Funky OM with Kevin Tomczyk!

Rated a High Score of 5.0 Stars. The Funky OM has got it!

Huntington Station is a lovely area filled with loving nature around.

You automatically feel welcome and taking a breath of there fresh air is cleansing enough!

Honestly, from my personal perspective in that part of Long Island in Centerport I am automatically spiritually charged up and my abilities are heightened.


Kevin Tomczyk  was my Yoga Teacher for the day and just so happen to be my bf’s brother so I was very excited to go through this experience!

We did lots of beginner moves as well as exploring ourselves and boundaries. He helped me find balance and strength in my crow pose! I could never do that move but with his personal guidance I was finally able to achieve it!

I strongly believe it’s not just because of the way he guided me through it, but because we got charged up soo much spiritually it gave me that strength to hold myself up and find balance.

Being surrounded by such positive energy we were all able to achieve advanced moves.

IMG_4075-2 IMG_4078-3

Not only is Joseph Tomczyk Kevin’s Brother but he is also a Yoga Teacher as well!

I would be ecstatic to take a class with these two together!!! IMG_4071-2

Once the class was almost done there’s a moment of peaceful music and song that filled the air.


Then after we went right next store for some organic tasty treats!


IMG_4095-3 IMG_4097-1-2

Overall a fun experience! Can’t wait to go next time. Worth the $15.


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