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Being Wicked At The Wicked Faire NJ W/ Hope 2016!

Get Ready To Be Wicked At The Wicked Faire


Whether you want to be a fairy or a pirate, either or and more is welcome here at the Wicked Faire.


I enjoy going as a mixture of fairy and whatever I’m feeling the day of.

I like that there’s plenty of seated shows happening around after checking out the vendors that I’m not afraid to wear my favorite heels of all time!

This outfit took lots of love and time. So much fun and joy I get out of being creative. Especially for my favorite events. I didn’t create the corset, but you can find those on CorsetStory.com!!!! The rest of the outfit will be on sale in my Etsy Store.

We look forward to going to the Wicked Faire every year and this time we had the privilege of going as Press.


Let me start by saying there will always be hotel rooms available around in NJ. You just have to look. Otherwise don’t worry too much. We like to book our room a month in advance or 2 weeks before hand just because the month is tricky when it comes down to snow. If you’re really skeptical and want to be careful when it comes down to travel and weather, then you can always buy a pass at the door for a little more or just make sure that the hotel you are booking allows refunds. Then you will be in the clear.


This is an 18+ event, but also a place where adults could feel like a kid again!


Not only can you get your drink on pretending you’re in your own fairytale world with others, but you get to explore everything as a new playground with plenty of entertainment going around!

They had aerialists, belly dancers, comedians, storytellers, bands and more going on that day. We had landed on a Friday. However Saturday’s seem to have much more going on.


Definitely don’t forget your cash because you will end up wanting something.

Every single vendor here was unique in their own way. I’m very grateful that they had their own cards to give around because I can’t wait to shop online as well.

_MG_7334 _MG_7335

Here’s a few of my favorites.


I like to collect cards while I shop around because I don’t want to overwhelm myself with how many cool things there are to buy. I like to basically window shop the vendors and then check around one more time, take note of things and then find them online to see what else they might have.

It’s rare that I buy anything online because I’m so consumed with what I’m doing in my own shop. So it’s nice to take note and really appreciate these shop’s hard work and creativity.

Can’t forget the awesome buffet that lasts all day long!

Always try to not arrive hungry though, or else you’ll find yourself over eating and loosening up your corset at the end of the day lol

They also have a bar in case you want to get some drinks.

The next day we enjoyed our free breakfast and went sightseeing at a scenic overlook since the next day was oddly almost 60°. It went from really cold to really warm all in one night.

Had to enjoy it!

Those pics of that adventure will be available soon to check out! Be sure to sign-up on my newsletter to know when it comes out.



  • Bring at least $40+ with you.
  • Don’t worry about wearing heels or not. You’re in the clear here.
  • Do not forget your ID
  • Get dressed up, it’s ok. You can leave your adult pants at home.
  • Come alone or with a group.
  • Grab the map they provide for the shows. Hopefully this time the map will be a bit more clear. We kept getting rooms confused and timings.
  • No lines for the bathroom. You’re in the clear to drink comfortably without worrying. Just don’t get wasted or you’re getting kicked out.
  • Buffet costs $20 to eat all day till 9:30pm.
  • No coat check, so bring something you don’t mind carrying around with you to haul ass back to your car comfortably.
  • Free parking
  •  Carry light. Have Fun!

If you would like to know more about this event click Here for there Website.

Check out the rest of the Pictures on my Photography Page!


Posted by Natalie Hopes Photography on Friday, March 4, 2016


I also couldn’t help but notice some amazing photos online that need to be featured!

Here’s some of my favorites

Can’t forget the Steampunk World’s Fair! This costume is incredible! Look out for this.


#wickedfaire #wickedfaire2016

A photo posted by Thomas Lemire (@hikusrex) on

OH MY GOD!!!!! How does this not get over a thousand likes? Amazing

#Repost @harlequinkitty13 with @repostapp. ・・・ #Aerial #aerialdancing #wickedfaire #jme #finalwickedfaire

A photo posted by Azkadelia Hattress (@madhattress10x6) on

Some amazing acts that I unfortunately missed. The schedule was a bit messy to find :/

#alice fell down the #ballpit hole? #aliceinwonderland #wickedfaire #winterrenfaire #cosplay #stripedsocks

A photo posted by Jessica (@jrabbit33) on

The fun may “shock” you.

Grandpa? Grandpa!!! #kyloren #darthvader #starwars #wickedfaire #wickedfaire2016

A photo posted by Jason Wisniewski (@jasonwalexander) on

Gotta love it!

This man is ready! Couldn’t stop staring at his Jack Skellington creation! Well done!

Well damn! I will just leave this here.


A photo posted by Roxy Freefall (@theawesomeroxy) on


Toothless is getting all the love #toothless #wickedfaire #theadventuresoftoothless #cosplay #loki #kissess

A photo posted by Toothless And His Clan: (@toothlessandclan) on


Toothless is a hit with the ladies at wicked ! #work #wickedfaire #bloodsplatter #hotchicks #ladiesman

A photo posted by Toothless And His Clan: (@toothlessandclan) on

Toothless getting some action


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