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The Oneness Fountain Heart – Vegan Food Review with Hope

Where to Eat Vegan?

The Oneness Fountain Heart got its rating of 4.6 stars as a serene spot for vegetarian & vegan Restaurants.

This spiritual Restaurant is located at 157-19 72nd Ave, Flushing, NY 11367

As we were seated we felt very relaxed with the music playing and welcome.

As someone who is not Vegan or Vegetarian I love exploring these places with my friends who are. It inspires me to eat cleaner and fresher with my daily meals.

I had the yummy zucchini pasta. It was so delicious! As a matter fact it almost fooled my taste buds into thinking it was real pasta except without having the really heavy leftover feeling. That really intrigued me. It was a very light meal and I was kind of worried because it didn’t seem like a lot of food. I almost bought something else before I started my meal but decided to give it a chance.

While being refreshed by my pina colada, I was very satisfied with my meal and I did not have to buy any extra food! I also felt fantastic after, which is always a plus.




  • Bring at least $20-$30 with you.
  • This is a zen area, not the place for a rowdy crowd or party. It’s more of an intimate gathering type of place.
  • One of my many rules at a restaurant – Buy one thing and see how it makes you feel before you decide to buy everything on the menu.


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