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Spa Castle College Point With Hope 2016

Want to enjoy the sun on your face while chilling in the Jacuzzi?

Don’t want to spend tons of money in just one day for a relaxing experience?

I mean this is supposed to be a relaxing day right?

Spending too much totally defeats that purpose LOL

I got you!

So far this location is one of our favorites!

College point.

Why? You ask?

I love the space! There’s so much room allover the place.

There’s more to do. I really enjoy having more options.

And if you go at the right time, it won’t be crowded.

However, expect the weekends to be packed.

First we like to start off with the steam room to detox, practice our breathing, do some hot yoga and gather our awareness.

We are at peace now and it is time to let everything fall away.

We really enjoy the hottest spa room the most.

We usually bounce from hot to cold.

In the picture above is the cold room, which totally resembles a freezer.

It is super refreshing to jump in here after boiling up!

It also helps circulation in your body so this is a wonderful routine to do throughout the day during your stay.

Rain or Shine, Snow or Heat, they have the Jacuzzi and pool open!

Don’t worry if it’s cold outside, the pool is heated.

Then after you can enjoy an amazing meal or buffet!

No money here. They give you a watch that attaches around your wrist and you swipe that and it goes straight to the front desk when your day is done.

Be careful with that tho!

A nice affordable day could easily be expensive if you get swipe crazy.


  • Bring a warm robe with you. It’s much nicer with one.
  • They have free water any time.
  • You can’t carry in food or drinks
  • They do provide liquor drinks. You can drink in the pool as well, like you’re officially on spring break!
  • Children are aloud, this isn’t a adult spa.
  • Weekdays are best. Less crowds.
  • Open 7 days a week, from 8 am to Midnight
  • Click Here For Pricing
  • Check groupon and livingsocial first! That’s what we did!


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