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Renaissance Faire W/ Hope in Tuxedo NY 2015!

Demons, Fairies, and Wenches OH MY!

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If you love any of those things you will love the Renaissance Faire!

Here’s your magical tour to a land not so far away!


 It is a glorious feeling entering the Renaissance Faire.

Right away you will feel like a kid again, even if you’re not dressed up, but I highly recommend that you do!

This place will inspire your creativity to its fullest ability.

It’s a fun place for Kids AND Adults.

Prepare to be Entertained!


 There’s plenty of time to go exploring around.

I would suggest at least going twice in the same year, that way you can catch all of the different performances going on and new things to buy.


Can’t forget to bring your Pirate Mug with you, to hold up a nice portion of there must try Mead!


My mead always seemed to be gone.

Why is the Mead gone!?

I must’ve tried 3 different drinks.

They all tasted soo good!

Even the beer.

Especially the beer!

The lines for the drinks aren’t that bad. The wait was probably at least 15minutes long. Sometimes less. The random parades and entertainment from the bar and all around made the time go faster. Including no waiting line for the bathroom. Which is fantastic for those of us who enjoy a drink or few.

While enjoying your drink you can walk around wherever you like and shop.

Meet these amazing store owners.



I didn’t mention if you don’t buy a Pirate Mug at the Faire you may end up wanting one anyway!


My next goal is a drinking horn!

So I’ll be carrying both next visit.



I wasn’t alone, however this is a great place to go to alone.

You will end up making friends everywhere!

Walk around or flow around.

One thing’s for sure, you will never be bored!


Thanks for viewing!



  • Admission –  Adult – $25 , Child – $15 , Children 4 & younger are free!
  • Bring water to remain hydrated.
  • Bring between $30 – $200+ for fun spending money. Early Christmas shopping for me!
  • Get dressed up – You won’t be the only one.
  • Bring sunblock – There’s plenty of trees but lots of sunny spots. If you end up watching a show and you’re in a sunny seat. You’ll be thankful for remembering your sunblock.
  • Boots – Sometimes it gets muddy and you’re walking in dirt throughout the entire thing. It is in nature, so be mindful of what you wear on your feet. Low heel boots are the way to go! You will be walking a lot. Be comfortable and be styling.
  • Lunch – If you don’t mind walking back to your car, bring your own lunch. Although everything sold there you may want a piece of.
  • Parking is free – Unless you decide to park super close to the Faire, parking is free in the giant lot. If you may have trouble walking, you’re lazy or you have little ones, then no worries. The giant lot also provides a shuttle bus every 15min or so that goes to and from the Faire.
  • Weapons – All weapons to complete your costumes must be sealed properly to enter the premises. Check the Website for further instructions.
  •  Have Fun!


If you would like to know more about this event click Here for there Website.

Check out the rest of the Pictures on my Photography Page!



Posted by Natalie Hopes Photography on Monday, February 8, 2016


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