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Queens County Farm – Indian Powwow 2016

Looking for something to do out of the ordinary with the kids or with friends and family?

Gather up that dough cuz we’re heading to the Queens County Farm Indian Powwow!

First lets take a moment to enjoy this beautiful scenery!

Now, lets go say hi to the animals

The beginning is free! Take a tour around the farm.

Enjoy the sights and animals.

Have a little picnic and relax before heading in .

Now let the fun begin!

Take selfies with your friends and enjoy the show!

I had a wonderful time taking photos!

My favorite part is the bon fire that happens Friday and Saturday.

It’s something I try to never miss!

Friday is a great time to go if you’re looking to buy lots of things before they sell out.

I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy the food, the culture, the dance and experience!




  • Bring water! They allow outside beverages. Thank the gods! Because sometimes the powwow lands on a hot day.
  • At the moment the fee to get into where the dancing and activities are is $10 . Check the website to be sure.
  • Getting into where the food carts and animals are is Free
  • Parking is free and there’s hassle free parking in the area
  • Bring at least $30 bucks to play with :] unless you love custom items like me then bring more on the safe side. A lot of the booths accept card as well! Very awesome.
  • Camera is a must or your phone to take photos with.
  • Bring snacks if you like.
  • I love the pickles and the corn that you can decorate/flavor yourself! Delicious. Highly recommend those. The large pretzels are great too.
  • Another great tip is, bring a fan. Any fan. I always regret not bringing my feather fan to cool me off when there’s no breeze.
  • A chair if you want to sit by the show. It’s just nicer to sit on . I just stood. No big deal. or bring a blanket.
  • Get dressed up! You don’t have to but it’s one of those where you get the opportunity to ^_^


Here’s the link to future events to know when the Powwow will be happening in the future and to see what more events the Queens County Farm has to offer!  queensfarm.org/events.html


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Lets Go!



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