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Start a Psychic reading with me right away with our new chat system you can access below.The first 3minutes are free! 

How Do you do your Private Readings ?
Through Establishing a Connection.Click chat button on the bottom right corner. Introduce yourself with your first name and what kind of reading you would like or Just introduce yourself and I’ll do the rest!
At times I’ll use my Haindl Tarot cards upon request.
They say soo much and are for advanced readers only because they send visions to the reader and access the connection through vibes .
I do not read cards, I read visions.
I do past , present , future and a way out.What are they thinking or doing? Is he/she cheating? Should give this person a chance? What will happen to you soon? Lost? I have many answers. Worry no more!
Love Specialist/Career/Mindreader. Sale Price !*Please do not ask for a free reading*

Online Psychic Readings / Psychic Chat by Natalie Hope

I am 28 years old . For years random strangers come to me asking me to help them with there lives . Often they would stop me in the street and just feel as if I can help them . I have a deep spiritual connection and enjoy helping others as much as I possibly can . I decided to join this site to do just that . I am a psychic medium . I come from the Astral and I am here to help .
Sometimes I use my Haindl Tarot cards to guide me. These are not regular cards . They can only be read through intuition , meditation , and Clairvoyant Psychics . My middle name is Hope . I am who I was meant to be .

I have visions . I am also a spiritual healer . I have had meetings where I helped cleanse the persons soul . The souls gets heavy . I create rituals that can help mend your pain .
Dreams – I can help guide you through your dreams .
I speak to your soul and not just your mind . I reach out farther then most can . When I give you a reading , you might feel me entering your third eye .
I can read you your present, past and your future .
You can schedule a time during my sale day that way I can be sure to be on just for you!

I cheat . Yes there i said it . The universe doesn’t say all .
Even tho your cards may say you will go through something I have the answers for you to find your happiness . I have your way out . THERE’S ALWAYS A WAY .

Something you may not have known – You create the path that you want to live . The path may be there however it is up to you on how to walk that path . Your journey is yours . You create it . I can help you on that journey .. It may be hard at times but I can help make it happy and easier .

MindReader – I can tell you what the other is thinking . What they are going through !

Is he/she cheating ? My cards never lie . Intuition is key .

What are you doing wrong and what should you do to be happy ?
My specialty I will guide you to where you need to be to be spiritually connected and correct .

I don’t know what to ask ?
That’s okay ! I can tell you everything you need to know that you didn’t know you needed to know lol

Will I have a job soon ?
Not only can i tell you yes or no , but i can tell you what you need to do to get your dream job !

Can I get a cleanse ?
Absolutely . I give personal rituals and cleanses . I am a reborn Sumerian . You have came to the right place .

CAN I HAVE A FREE READING ? Sorry, no free readings. My gift is draining and a percent of my earnings goes to cleansing.

If you need help /guidance Please let me know that you are interested in a reading before someone else snatches me up too quickly .

How long might my reading be ?
In just 4 minutes you will have more then one answer and problem solved . It is your decision to have a longer reading with me not mine . I am not here to take advantage . Only to help xoxo
^^^^ This applies if new webcam chat system is on paying Per Minute.
Which is not accessible at the moment



Take a look at my testimonials you won’t be disappointed .

How did you start on this site ?
I started off just like you . Looking for my calling . They told me they seen me on here helping the lives of others and now here I am saving as many people as possible every day .

Do your predictions come true ?
Yes ! I have the proof in my Testimonials . Very grateful for this and proud .

Can I make a scheduled appointment with you ?
Yes ! Once payment is received, I’ll shoot you a message with availability.

Testimonials mean the world to me . It only gives more hope to the world to shine more light upon those who come across me .
Please leave a written testimonial after our reading along with a 5 star rating .

Lets get started ! Welcome to peace and hope

You’re not online and I need help Now!

No Problem!

I offer Email Readings and carry my cards EVERYWHERE

I’m Interested in a reading! How much and where do we begin?

Once Payment is Received you will get your answers shortly.
1 Email Question/5min Live Chat $9.99
2 Email Questions/10min Live Chat $14.99
The Bundle! – 4 Questions/20min Live Chat for $29.99
Give Me Clarity
If I’m online in chat, click open chat on the bottom right corner to begin!
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