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Oktoberfest 2015 in Bear Mountain with Hope

If you love Beer, Ciders and some FREE samples you’ll really enjoy Bear Mountain Oktoberfest 2015 at Anthony Wayne Rec Area



When arriving, parking cost is $8 per car, so try to carpool.

There’s no entry fee but prepare to spend lots of money if you are about to drink and eat. I try to bring $30 cash and keep it at that.

This area is gorgeous. The Fall foliage will bring you to Fall Heaven if you’re a sucker for the bright colors like I am!


The beers are great. My favorite was the pumpkin beer. I am pumpkin everything as soon as September hits, so it was the only beer I drank while I was there.


People got dressed up and was celebrating all over.


There was dancing and bands playing.


Lots of smiles all around! Great positive energy.


I mentioned free samples. So lets get to that part. It was like everyone was competing with free samples. Free sampled Chocolate, Chips and Salsa, Fantastic Cheese! If you appreciate cheese the way I do, you’ll end up leaving with a block or two. They had sampled Jelly with crackers as well. This was a relief considering the line for food was longer then the line for beer.

Wear sneakers or boots. They have sightseeing parts you get to hike through and get away from the crowd.

Let me plan this trip for you that way you don’t go and just have a ‘OK’ time.


  • Eat before you go. The line for food, like I said was longer then the line for beer. How long? About a hour and a half wait time. Bring Food/Snacks with you in a cooler in your car. The walk from the parking lot to the area is not far at all and you’ll be able to really enjoy your time.
  • Bring your own beer. I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying this, but…. The line for beer was an hour long and costly. Most people were waiting on lines more then walking around enjoying the reason why they went to Bear Mountain in the first place. Drink some in the parking lot, keep it down and don’t ruin it for the rest of us that way we can keep this privilege.
  • Did I mention the lines? There’s a line for tickets that’s over an hour. Those are the tickets you need in order to then go on the next hour line for food/beer . lol
  • Don’t forget your water
  • Don’t worry about bathroom lines. There were plenty of clean porter potties.
  • You can bring your dog. Some were on and off leash.
  • Bring a light hoodie just in case.
  • Don’t wear heels. You’ll sink into the dirt and will have bad foot pain. Most people are drunk, they don’t care what you’re wearing on your feet.
  • Bring your camera for sure. Lots of selfies will be had.
  • Wear Sunblock.
  • Bring $30 or more.
  • Bring your smile because I just saved you from having a stressful day somewhere you were looking forward to being.

Your Welcome


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If you love Beer, Ciders and some FREE samples you will really enjoy Bear Mountain Oktoberfest 2015 at Anthony Wayne Rec Area

Posted by Natalie Hopes Photography on Thursday, November 5, 2015


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