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Monkeying Around in Roatan, Bay Islands (Honduras)

(If you would like to just cut to the chase, watch the video ;p)

This was a wonderful experience!

Although, I was very suspicious of the drive in this country.

Getting into a car that looks like a regular car with no lettering on it

made me question if this guy was really a taxi guy even tho we found him at a taxi service booth .

Thankfully even in the farthest areas, it was touristy so I started to feel more comfortable.

I can finally check chilling with monkeys off of my life list!

They were fast, slick and adorable.

Not to mention, very sneaky lol

This little guy tried to steal from us!

Not surprised at all.

Luckily we had some treats that we snuck off of the cruise.

We were aloud to hang out with them for as long as we wanted,

which was nice not having to be rushed.

We couldn’t stop gawking at there silly charm.

This little guy took a liking to Joe.

Joe was pretty much the animal whisperer.

He did used to work at an animal hospital before he became completely

independent, quit his jobs and worked for himself.

If you’re interested in hearing his story, click on the link in his name above.

I’ll save that one for another time.

Holding the monkeys were nice and fun.

However, holding this guy……


I endured the pain just to enjoy the moment but

it honestly felt like blades pressing on my skin…

Still fun tho!

I have no regrets.

Got tougher skin lol


I have always seen myself as this magical traveler

helping and entertaining people all around the world.

I am super excited to bring you guys along as my dreams turn into reality.

I herd that the best way to help is in person.

I hope my story brings light to others lives.

I have always thought to myself…..

I want to die with no regrets and many memories.

To have the opportunity to live here and now, and grab a hold of my life’s offerings

is a privilege that I intend to convey.

Want access to my followers and media?  I’ll review your Restaurant/Venue/Event/Hotel. Email me at LiveThroughHope@yahoo.com

I would love to eat all your food and blog all the things!

Want to help support my dreams? Check out where I will be or will want to be next!

Lets Go!



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