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Manting – New York | Restaurant Review

Spicy Chinese Stews, Dry Hot Pots and More!

All at the Manting Restaurant in New York

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Happy happy joy joy😁 happy happy joy joy 😆is what you’ll be singing after eating in Manhattan at this place! Btw going after 6pm is the best to find parking 🙌 however this place got packed fast! Their customers were talking to us about how they loved the prices and the amount of food they offer. 👏👏 Great Job @mantingrestaurant ! Thank you for having us❤️🙏 Where to Next you guys? 🤤🤔 @hopes_full . . . . #seafood #Manting #NYC #eatfamous #yelpnyc #rockfellercenter #nyclunch #worklunch #nyceats #drypot #malatang #spicy #foodiefeature #dinner #yummy #timessquare #timessquareeats #nycfood #nyceats #foodporn #nycfoodie #eeeeeats #eatingnyc #forkyeah #eatingfortheinsta #foodgasm #nyfoodblogger

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This Authentic Restaurant has a real love for spicy food!

Good thing I do too!

I always get medium spicy because you can always make things hotter.

Here’s the awesome Seafood Malatang I got!

As you may know or not know, I am a big seafood eater

so it’s what I mostly get when dining out.

This plate had plenty of seafood, I was fairly pleased.

I also had so much food that I was able to bring some home!

Definitely one of those places you want to go to when you’re really hungry.

Manting Restaurant in NY

SeaFood Malatang!


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