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Long Island BMW Rally Car Show – With Hope

Driving around one normal sunny day,

looking for something to do I was on my way home when we spotted the jackpot.

The BMW rally car show!

This is absolutely perfect.

A wonderful reason to stay outdoors even longer while I gather my eye candy for the day.

I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about these beautiful sports cars behind me ;]

Fortunately I couldn’t tell you the exact location as this was a year ago, however I’m sure they do this at every BMW location yearly.

Thank goodness for Google right?

Here’s some of my favorites

Boy am I a fan of the color red! Especially on a car!!! Super sexy.

Omg CUTE!!!!!


Interesting choice of colors. But it works! I’m a fan of convertibles.

Dope is the word for this one!

Totally digging this one.

Loooooooooveeee Convertibles

Liking this color!!!

I love unique colors on cars

This one doesn’t need me to say anything lol

Sexy ass car !

Those rims are everything

Last one!

In my opinion I took Photos of the best ones there.

I wanted to give you the best eye Candy experience you could have if you had gone to this one.

Hope you enjoyed!

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