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Jones Beach Holiday Lights with Hope!

If you’re feeling a little lost on what to do with your friends and family for the Holidays,

Say no more!

Jones Beach Holiday Lights is the place to go!

What a treat!

It’s been years since I have gone to this and I gotta tell you…..

It was much better the second time around!

I went when I was super young and actually only remembered the lights but I didn’t remember the location the light show arrived to.

My boyfriends cousin had this all planned out!

He actually got a party bus and we got lit off of many sweets and hot chocolate.

I didn’t get great photos of the light show due to foggy windows on the bus lol

However, you should definitely go see it for yourself!

I would rather not ruin it for ya anyway

We arrived!!!!

Came hungry?

Don’t worry!

They got your back with snacks and smores to roast over an open fire!

The perfect fairy tale for the family.

Get ready because it’s selfie time!!!!


If you’re worried about it possibly being too cold.

They have an indoor space with food and couches!

It’s very warm and toasty.

You’ll forget it’s a winter day and enjoy not freezing your butts off.

Here’s some photos I had fun photoshopping!

Cell phone photos?

No Problem! lol

I never got to enjoy Christmas that much.

My family often got together and things didn’t go too well.

The best time’s I had during the Holidays were when no one pushed for happiness and just had a great time.

People get so stuck in the Artificial Christmas that they end up completely ruining it for themselves.

If you have conflict with family but you want to see them for the Holidays?

See them but don’t stay for too long and leave with a happy memory and smile!

This year I’m spending the Holidays bouncing from family to friends and more family.

I couldn’t be happier.

This was a great time and is a great memory!

Thanks soo much for having us Jones Beach Lights!



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