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As some of you had noticed I haven’t been emailing lately or updating my website. That will change now. I was so busy doing tons of Valentines Day orders and to be honest I’m not used to being this busy during the holidays. I have noticed a great change in my business, which inspired me to go even further.
My partner Joseph Tomczyk is my biggest business inspiration. He helps me take the chances it takes to build a company without so much fear. If you go into something with fear, you may end up staying in one place without ever knowing ” Could I have made it if I pushed a littler further ? ”
He pushed it further alright! He brought 2 crazy machines that print on mugs, creates stickers, prints on clothing, makes giant signs. We can now put your logo anywhere on almost anything!

IMG 0033

Pretty cool, huh? We can put your face or family portrait on that thing!
I personally thought this middle finger in particular best described how I felt in the morning. Which is why I loooove my coffee. If you click on the picture, it will lead you to the listing and because of our new XS boxes shipping price is now cheaper!



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