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Holi Fest in Brooklyn W/ Hope 2016!

Festival of Colors: Holi NYC is a joyous celebration of the coming of spring.

It is a day of revelry full of live bands, DJs, art installations, delicious food, and great people.

This was my very first Holi Festival and it was a blast!

The sun shining, friendly people smiling and great music blasting with colors flying all around.

Entering the Festival, I had my camera unprotected which was not a problem. The powder is made from cornstarch and food dye. However, it does take a bit of time to clean off the camera at the end of the day. People will come up to you and throw powder on you and at your camera for a cool effect. If you’re not cool with that then definitely protect your camera with plastic wrap or some kind of cover.


While walking around I felt like a kid again. Random people coming up to us, throwing colorful powder on us, playing color tag and we were all it!


If you lacked color, don’t worry because you will be a target!

I had so much fun and tons of energy from positive vibes.


After all the dancing and running around they had lots of cultural foods to choose from and plenty of water for $2.

Charge up and go have more fun in the sun!

Or chill down inside the warehouse!


Don’t forget to get your selfie on!


No weak selfie games here!

Every spot is an opportunity.



Lots of love around


Who knew one could have so much fun at a warehouse?

I’m so happy to have been able to experience this.

I thought one had to go to India.

It brings me such joy, the kind of unity we have in NY from all around the world.

Keep a look out for the next one!

Festival Of Colors

Thanks for having us!!!!

Check out the rest of the photos I took!



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