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Fire Performers in NJ at Ocean Place Resort and Spa

Fire Performers in NJ at Ocean Place Resort and Spa

We had such a blast at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa!

We arrived extra early to hang out and chill by the beach,

explore and relax.

Our clients Wedding just so happen to be sooo far behind that they cut our show

more then in half!

We didn’t mind since the pay remained the same.

We were just really glad to be able to show them what we had to offer!

Joe was going to flow with the poi

and then they were going to go straight to cutting the cake,

but the coordinator and audience loved the performance so much

that they cut into there time even more just to have him fire breath and then end the show.

It was a fast show with a huge crowd!

Then we continued to enjoy our day with cocktails and the spa pools.

I love my life!

Fire For Hire!

Hopes Fire Fantasies





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