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Day at Jones Beach

Had a wonderful day at Jones Beach beach!

Got to hoop and enjoy the last bit of Summer.

My favorite time to go to the beach is the end of August when the water is at it’s warmest!

I love swimming. I can stay in the water and at the beach all day long. You’ll have to drag me out of this beautiful healing place.

I feel so free. I hope to live on the beach some day.

Jones Beach is one of my favorite beaches in NY because the waves can get big at times and it’s fun if you’re into being active. Only downside is it can get pretty crowded, but that never stops me.

Here are some photos I took with my new Canon 7D camera with my 50mm 1.4 Lens in Auto mode. This was when I didn’t learn the glory of M mode. Now that I have learned Manual mode there’s no turning back.

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This was also my first time hooping with a smaller hoop. A bit difficult in the wind but tons of fun! Joe was my babe watch lol

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Couldn’t help but take pictures of these clouds on our way back home!

Decided to play with them in Lightroom. Still have yet to explore Photoshop!

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You ever went to the gym after a long day swimming in the sun at the beach for hours?

This was filled with nope for me lol Joe was all about it tho.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 5.45.53 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 5.49.30 PM

Then I took pics of his cat and called it a day.

Everyone. Meet Charles! Joe’s son.

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I’m in love with this new chapter in my life.

Here are some funny camera poses.

If you’re a photographer, you totally understand this is me being real hahaha



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