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Sore Throat? No Problem! Start Your Day With A Cup Of Coffee

Did you hear right?

Did I just say a cup of coffee?!?!?!?


Thank the Gods for this to be true.

Lots of coffee lovers are going to be grateful for this one.

While I was very sick I started my day as usual with a cup of coffee.

This time I had a very sore throat and nothing was working to soothe the pain.

Then I noticed the pain was gone and decided to look up if it could have been the coffee.


Studies done, suggest that coffee has two great benefits: tons of antioxidants and throat soothing qualities.

Of course don’t drink too much of it or else you will dehydrate your body and

that would make it difficult for you to recover from your cold.

Let me know how this helped you with your common cold/flu

and Enjoy Your Cup Of Coffee!



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