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Asbury Park Zombie Walk – 2017

Tis the season!

Hope you didn’t miss it!

It’s that time again!

Where the zombies roam free,

and we all join hands and guts.

This year my mom went with us and experienced the zombie walk for the first time.

She loved it and regretted not dressing up!

  This place really gets you into the zombie spirit.

People went all out with there costumes!

If you don’t know how to do your make-up,

that’s okay because you can schedule an appointment to get a make-up artist that will zombie you up!

This year the weather was beautiful bringing out a lot more people.

It also made it perfect to go all out on outfits comfortably.

No cold zombies here! 

Everything started around 11am.

People arrived to get there make-up done and enjoy chillen on the boardwalk.

The actual walk didn’t start till about 4pm, so no rushing.

We got there around 2pm, found great parking and explored around since they had some vendors selling cool stuff.

Then  we relaxed on the beach since it was about 80degrees that day!

That was the first time I ever felt it was acceptable to be warm in October lol

Any other day doesn’t feel right with my pumpkin latte hahaha

Excited to show you guys some of the best costumes at the zombie walk

I kept it short and sweet.

Photography and editing by me


I had lots of fun taking these photos with the new lens that I got.

And ontop of that, you guys asked for it!!!

Photos of me :]

Big thanks to my amazing boyfriend/partner who took these photos of me ^_^

Flow Joe

I had fun editing them.

Together we create some stunning images.

All in all , we had such a blast!

We highly recommend coming to this event and the best part is….. IT’S FREE


Here’s the link to future events to know when the ZOMBIE WALK will be happening in the future!


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Lets Go!




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