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Welcome To My Blog Spot! 10345809_457197351106622_1383383850186963337_n

My name is Natalie Hope.

Proud Owner of 3 Self Made Businesses. Colleague of Many.

One of my many rules I live by is ”If you love it, Be of it”.

I’m Awkward, Silly and Out of My Mind…… Literally ….I am that Spiritual having outer-body experiences. I live in a Fantasy World that I’ve created to be real and I want to invite you all to it!

I love to Sew, Craft,Fire Perform, Give Psychic Readings, Tattoo People, Model, Sing, Edit Videos, Go on Adventures Around the World, Take Photos and Write.

Oh Yea! Can’t forget there’s Motorcycles, Getting Suspended by Hooks in my Skin, Fire Breathing, Hooping, Zombies, Fairies, Mermaids, Witches, Fairs, Renaissance,  Conventions, Food, Life Advice, Cats and more!

I also have thoughts that over flood my brain until I can’t sleep at night. So this will help those sleepless nights and why not share it to a solid following who will actually want to read about what I have to say? I get over 10,000 views on youtube of me just stating my opinion, but what about those who want to read and share interesting photos along with different kinds of useful knowledge? We all have some needs to fulfill in which we use the internet to provide us. I’m just sharing my habits to provide your habits! Don’t get me wrong, never get stuck in a daily life habit. However, some habits are there to make us comfortable and that’s okay! All that matters is what makes you happy just as long as it’s not destructive to yourself and unto to others. 11219728_457705907722433_4607214349995487766_n

“Oh shit! Did she say she plays with fire?”

Yes, I do! Not only do I play with it, but I eat it, breath it, spin it, and perform all around the world with it! If you’re wondering what that’s all about, you can visit my Official Fire Performer Website at Hopes Fire Fantasies.

” What about your Modeling Career? Clothing Line? Tattooing? Including all the million other things that you do? “

Well, a lot of people do call me ” The girl who does it all.” I feel like that’s a big title to posses  but I love to do many things and keep whatever I love doing in my life because of myself, no matter who comes and goes. I believe that’s one of the most important lessons I have learned in life. To check out whats going on with my careers you can visit my second website at Fantasies By Hope.

  If you’re interested in seeing the kinds of clothes I create, you can click on the picture. If you would like to check out what I have for sale right now you can visit my Store at Fantasies By Hope Clothing.

” So you’re a Psychic Medium & Ancient Sumerian from the Astral? “

Yes. It’s a long story but basically I was sent here to guide as much humanity as possible. Believe it or not most of us were, but we were the originals that came down to this planet to advance humanity while they were taking form. I will be writing my knowledge about the Astral and Sumerians. I’m sure there’s lots of Scientists, Writers and People who would love to know the missing paragraphs to all of those books. It’s all in my head and memories. I am also looking for the rest of us out there. I am calling to you. You are not alone.


If you would like a Psychic Reading by me you can visit this page ” Hope Will Give You Clarity “  or Schedule a Live Reading by me. I started on a site called Oranum.com but got soo many clients I needed to start my own.

Enough about me! This Site is going to be entering you into my own world, opinions and Links to other Author Articles I will be working with as well.

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