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Welcome to my Life & Adventure as a Fire Performing Goddess?

I’m a Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle , Journalist , Influencer

I’m creating Empowerment and Inspiration to Help Transform Your Life.

My first vacation changed my entire life around. I had no purpose at the time and was as lost as can be…. When I came back from DR, I realized how much time I’ve wasted on negative thoughts and not making moves. Being home now a completely different person filled with inspiration I knew what I wanted to become. A Fire Performer!

The stars were aligned for me as soon as I knew what I wanted. Things fell into place and it all happened fast! I knew someone who was willing to teach and they wanted someone new on there team. Fair trade right? I had to learn within 4 days! And boy did I practice.

After the first year of doing things solo I upgraded my fire props and moves. I created my own Fire Performing team with my Amazing Partner in life, Flow Joe. Now, 5 years later we have done well over 145 Fire Performances, Traveled the world while putting on Superior Fire Entertainment for the Corporate, Nightlife, Sweet 16s, Children Entertainment, Street Fairs you name it!

I am 100% Self Made Entrepreneur.

I Fire Perform for My Own Entertainment Company – HopesFireFantasies
I own my own Designer Clothing Company – FantasiesByHope. Where I sew, hand craft and design all my own clothes.
I have a Dropshipping/Custom Clothing Printing Service – HottestTrendsPrint
I do Videography as a Youtube Partner – LiveThroughHope – YouTube – YouTube
I Expand Minds with Positivity/Travel/Images on my Personal Website – LiveThroughHope
I even offer Psychic Readings :]
Cant forget all of the Modeling I do for my Businesses!

And to think….. All of this began all because of ONE trip!
After every vacation I grew more and more successful.

And you can guess I’m big on Instragraming ;p – LiveThroughHope

Here’s a Preview of My Video Travel Work

I even created a Patreon to help support my Passions.
Travel a lot more to gain inspiration to share and inspire others too!
I don’t believe in being a slave with a 9-5 job that I hate.
I chose to work hard, play hard and never give up!
I came a long way. I’ll never go back.
Now I Work Smarter and Play Harder instead!




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