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5th Annual WitchsFest USA – A Pagan Street Faire – With Hope

If you’re looking for a place of non judgmental atmosphere where you can enjoy spiritual bliss and unique entertainment. This is the event to attend and they highly recommend to come dressed up!

The 5th Annual WitchsFest USA on Astor Place (bet. Broadway & Lafayette), is a fundraiser for the NYC Wiccan Family Temple Hosted by: Starr Ann RavenHawk HPs and Luna Roja HP. 

FREE for all to attend.

This event inspires you to express your inner to your outer. Suggesting dress theme’s such as  fairies, belly dance, pixies, wood nymphs, satyrs etc.

They have a few vendors and the count gets greater every year. I hope to vend next year!

The things you can find at the vendors are Pagan, Witchy, New Age, Gothic, Steampunk etc. oriented merchants.


Some psychics with readers of all types.

Even Pagan Information Groups/Temples/Covens. Where you can learn meditation, rituals, spells and history.

There’s even a fun Summer Blessing Ritual filled with chants.

They also have something for children! Like face painting, pagan stories and much more!

Can’t forget the Belly Dancers!


Things I really Enjoyed

I absolutely loved the things they were selling. This is one of those street festivals I would save money up for. I went with a budget and left with many things while only spending $30! I brought incense, ritual bath healers, tons of herbal teas with flowers that are so pretty you have to drink them.

Of course they had candles available, including crafty clothes. Pendants were sold along with bones and skulls. Very interesting.

I really liked the belly dancing entertainment that was going on all day long. Great to watch when you needed to rest your feet and get out of the sun for a bit.

The ritual was great. It was nice singing along with everyone. Chanting inspirational blessings.

I even herd Rob Zombie and his Wife came along! Even Celebrities are attending.

After a nice long day we decided to stick around since we had found easy parking in the area and eat outdoors at a Vegan/Non Vegan Restaurant


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